January 7, 2011

Smart Mom Jewelry: Non-toxic Teething Bling Necklaces

Every mom knows that keeping track of all of baby's accessories is a tall order -- especially pacifiers and teethers! But the aptly named Smart Mom Jewelry makes holding on to one of your little one's necessities a stylish and convenient endeavor with their teething bling necklaces.

I have to wear my hair up and go sans necklaces or my four month-old has a field day pulling a wad of my hair or yanking at the beloved charms around my neck. But with Smart Mom's necklaces, I can now wear what looks like a beautiful stone pendant, but it is actually a teether for my son!

My baby boy loves sitting in my lap and gnawing away at this bling until his heart's content! I always have a teether on hand to help get him through his teething woes, and I never have to worry about him dropping or losing it in transit.

In addition to being stylish and clever, these savvy necklaces are most importantly, safe. They are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp.

At under $15, you can't go wrong with a necklace for mom and a teether for baby! Teething bling is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit everyone's taste!


Anonymous said...

That is SO COOL - and the answer to all my problems (well, one of them). Am off to buy one now!!

Kathy Frederickson said...

This is brilliant! Babies do love to nibble anything that they touch. They are in that stage where in they put anything in their mouth, whether it is clean or not. This teether is a great way to prevent your baby from taking in too much bacteria. My nephew and nieces in Jackson, TN have had their own dentists ever since their first tooth came out. After their milk teeth fell out, their dentists monitored their other teeth to assure that they will not grow crowded or misaligned.