February 25, 2011

UPDATE: Little Beetle Learners - Organic Cotton Training Pants

Update as of 2/25/11: After the overnight accident incident, as promised, I said I'd post about absorbency. Well, I'd say these learner pants are great for daytime, smaller spills and "oops!" accidents where a little one may run to the potty quickly, but for heavy-duty overnight soaking incidences, they don't do the trick...

Everyone always talks about cloth diapers, but I never see any articles on cloth training pants. Popular 'Pull-ups' are just as bad for the environment, but what's a mom to do when her toddler can stay dry during the day, but still needs protection from "accidents" overnight... and doesn't want to go back to wearing the now dreaded diaper?

Little Beetle Learner organic cotton velour training pants are a great, comfortable option for your 'wee-ing' ones. They are made from 100% organic, Fair Trade cotton, and they are free of all the chemicals that are inherent in disposable training pants. Presenting a brand new pair of these cloth pants to your tot will also help her maintain the psychology that she is indeed out of diapers, but may still need some assistance from these "big girl" underpants, day or night.

Little Beetle Learners are luxuriously soft, and they feature side snaps so they're easily removable in case of an accident, but I do wonder, when put to the test, whether they will be able to contain a large amount of pee overnight. The company who makes Little Beetle Learners, Better for Babies, recommends toddlers wear their Organic Wool Diaper Cover over the Little Beetle Learner for extra absorption. As my daughter continues to wears these overnight, I will re-post as to whether they are highly absorbent on their own, or whether parents should definitely buy the wool diaper cover as well. But alas, I am hoping there are no accidents that will put them to the test!

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