April 22, 2011

gDiapers Debuts Sweet, Eco Accessories for Cloth Diapered Green Babies!

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to beckon everyone who is still using disposable diapers to make the switch to using cloth diapers! To sweeten the endeavor, gDiapers has debuted some adorable, very handy accessories to make your mission stylish and simpler.

Check out their cute new, gCamper pant and gCamper tee (the shirt says: "I'm having an environmental movement") ensemble that's perfect for little boys heading out in warm spring and summer weather. Match the stylish top to the sweet plaid gPants and you're off! And if you have a little girl, don't miss the gFlutter dress that will look so precious paired with the matching gFlutter gPants!

On the home front, make laundering baby's cloth diapers even easier with the new gLaundry bag. The waterproof bag boasts a clever design: a square shape to fit most diaper pails -- and once it's time to do clean the diapers, you can tote the bag to the washing machine, toss in the contents, along with the machine washable bag itself, then start the load!

On the go, be sure to tuck the new gWetbag into your diaper bag to store soiled gPants. This multipurpose bag is also perfect for housing wet clothes, swimsuits, and even baby wipes. It is also waterproof, machine washable, and may be used long after your diapering days.

Happy green diapering, today and beyond!

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