August 22, 2011

CleanWell Products Keep Back to School Germs at Bay

I'll admit it: I'm a germaphobe. And with Miss O starting preschool in less than a month, I am already fearing the bugs she may catch and bring home. In my search for a hand sanitizer she can use while on-the-go and unsupervised, it was important to me to find one that was alcohol-free and non-toxic, but also effective.

Enter CleanWell products. Powered by a natural, thyme based formulation, their collection of hand sanitizers kills germs while being kid-safe, gentle on sensitive skin, biodegradable, and naturally antibacterial.

I am going to put CleanWell 1 ounce sprays in Miss O's lunchbox and backpack. They are easy for kids to use, and unlike gels, they are more manageable to dispense without overdoing it. CleanWell now offers their formulation in an orange-vanilla scent that I think kids will really like.

I'm also going to stock our car with CleanWell's hand sanitizing wipes and 8 ounce foaming hand sanitizers -- so when I pick her up from school, she can wipe her hands clean of the day's dirt and grime.

Readers? What are your best tips for fighting germs? I know some moms believe kids need to be exposed to germs, get sick, etc., but I don't think I'll ever be able to adopt that philosophy and be lax in having my kids at least keep their hands clean! If anyone else is a germaphobe with helpful tips, please share in the comments below!


Lisa Lopez said...

It's hard to let go, but best tips for the school day without you are to instill in your child the importance of hand washing during the school day, never share food with your friends at lunch, cough and sneeze into your sleeve not your hands. And wash your hands one more time!

Miss J said...

I'm a germaphobe as well. Try as I might, H brought home and shared SO MANY viruses from preschool - I think it made my phobia worse. I started her on a chewable probiotic and I think that has boosted her immune system. I also use plain saline nasal spray in her nose 2x day during the months we have our heat on - the theory that germs 'stick' better in a dry nose seems to be true, so we both try and keep our noses well moisturized. Be strong, Mama!

Petite Planet said...

Good tips, guys! Thanks for sharing your hard won wisdom! I am shaking in my boots. Well, in my flip-flops.

Lisa Sharp said...

Here are my tips.

My husband is a teacher and he uses CleanWell in his classroom.