August 18, 2011

Fabric Wall Sticker Clock Knows What Time It Is

I am loving this fabric wall sticker clock, which lets you arrange stickers such as "nap," "bath," "play," and "rise," in accordance with your child's schedule! This is such an empowering way for little ones to know the hour when things happen in the household... as the concept of time is often difficult to grasp. Heck, time still eludes me. The stickers are PVC free and they may be rearranged and repositioned without damaging your walls or the stickers themselves. Now, if only they included a sticker that says, "mommy time."


Jeanne said...

Hi Beth, how are you?
who makes this sticker clock?

Petite Planet said...

Hi Jeanne! Thanks for the comment- I had forgotten to add the link, which is now included in the post.

You're so crafty, I bet you could whip up one of these clocks yourself!