October 21, 2011

Nordic Naturals Baby DHA

Flu season is upon us, and I am a big proponent of finding natural ways to boost a child's immune system so she is less susceptible to getting sick.

I love Nordic Naturals, as you can see here, and I was happy to learn they make Baby's DHA, specifically for little ones, 5 to 35 pounds, so they may get the essential omega-3 fatty acids they so need. Baby's DHA supports eye and brain development, and the nervous and immune system. It also includes natural vitamin D3, and vitamin D offers tremendous protection against influenza.

Baby's DHA, made from Nordic Natural's Gold Standard 100% Arctic Cod Liver Oil, comes with a measure dropper, and you can add the liquid to baby's food or bottle. It is free of gluten, milk and artificial flavors.

I am including the label below for your perusal:

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