March 28, 2012

Juice Beauty's Antioxidant Serum is A Multivitamin for Your Skin

I've never worn a lot of make-up, so instead of buying a ton of make-up products, I invest in the best skin care products I can find, to keep my skin looking as young and healthy as possible. I also make certain that I only use products with the highest integrity both in their ingredients and their manufacturing ethics. That's why Juice Beauty's organic products are at the top of my list.

It's a cold, hard fact that living in LA is not good for your skin. With the highest pollution levels in the country (sigh), I need all the help I can get in way of protecting and rejuvenating my visage. Enter Juice Beauty's Antioxidant Serum, which is basically a multivitamin for your skin. I apply it before I put my SPF moisturizer on in the morning, because it is clinically proven to prevent free radical skin cell damage up to 85%, and it makes my skin look fresh and radiant due to its inherent vitamins and amino acids which promote healthy cell renewal and circulation and reduce the signs of aging by boosting collagen and decreasing wrinkle depth. All things I greatly need as a tired mommy!

Finer details aside, I use it for the same reason most women use any facial product, because it makes me feel good. This Antioxidant Serum smells divine, which is attributed to the fact that it is comprised of an organic trio of fruit juices: white grape juice, orange juice and aloe leaf juice, and it's so refreshing to rub into my skin. It absorbs immediately, which I love, because I don't like when facial products leave a greasy residue or shine. If you're thinking $45 is too pricey for this Antioxidant Serum, rest assured that one bottle will last you a very long time, because you only use 4-6 drops for each application.

You can try Juice Beauty too, with this special deal for Petite Planet Readers: Until April 14, 2012, receive a FREE Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask plus FREE Shipping with any order of $35 when you enter the code PETITE at checkout.

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