February 21, 2013

Klean Kanteen's Sippy Cup Gets An Awesome Makeover

Klean Kanteen's NEW AND IMPROVED sippy cups!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Klean Kanteens are by far the best reusable bottles on the market. You can read my previous posts which express my affinity for these amazing stainless steel bottles, which we use in our household daily, here.

My kids have been using Klean Kanteen sippy cups for the past four years -- and any parent knows, that means I have assembled, taken apart and cleaned these sippy cups at least 400 billion times. Since Klean Kanteen is such an amazing company, they don't rest on their laurels. Instead, they constantly look for ways to improve their products and increase customer satisfaction.

Case in point, the Klean Kanteen sippy cup just got an awesome new makeover! See the image after the read more break, of the original sippy cups so you can compare it to the image above and understand the new, improved features.

Klean Kanteen's OLDER version of the sippy cup

First of all, gone are the interior black inserts which screw into the bottle, and the black rings which screw on top and which you pop the green spout insert into -- this meant disassembling three parts, cleaning them all, and putting them back together.

Dare I call a sippy cup "beautiful?"

Look again at the image above and at the top of this post. NOW parents may opt for a new Sport Cap 3.0 (as seen on the blue bottle on the right), or a proprietary Sippy Spout that comes with every Sippy Cup and features a polypropylene dust cover and handy attachment loop for easy carrying and transportation. Finally! A spout cover! And what I like best about this refreshing new design is that the lid of the sippy cup is ONE PIECE! You simply unscrew it from the bottle and voila, you now clean two pieces total, instead of four! (There's also a silicone valve in the sippy spout you can either remove or retain to keep your child's sippy spill-proof). This was just what we needed because Mr. A has taken a liking to pouring his juice all over the house. Another great attribute of the new collection -- the sweet new colors!

Sippy cups now come in dew drop, living coral, cactus flower and lagoon blue, and brushed stainless!


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