August 20, 2008

Which Toothpaste is Best for Your Child?

Writing about the Teach Me Toothbrush set got me thinking: "Which toothpaste is safest for children?" We're all set with the great brushes, but now what do we brush with?

After extensive research, I landed on Tom's of Maine, Silly Strawberry Toothpaste for children. The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website gives Silly Strawberry a low hazard rating of "2" on a scale of 1-10. You will find Burt's Bees children's toothpaste gets a better rating of "1," but the Burt's Bees website says they have discontinued this item.

My research also taught me that some people opt to brush their teeth with baking soda, but this agent is way too abrasive for teeth... plus, this would seem like more of a punishment for kids than a fun activity! Blech! An interesting note is that strawberries are used as a natural teeth whitening agent, and Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry contains "real strawberry flavor oils." I don't like that it also contains sodium lauryl sulfate, but they claim it is derived from coconut and palm kernel oil, and I really do view the EWG's rating as the final word on product safety. Tom's of Maine products are also cruelty-free.

In your personal searches for toothpaste, remember that triclosan is an ingredient found in many toothpastes, and should be avoided due to its toxicity to our bodies and to the environment.

*Readers, if you have any recommendations of non-toxic, children's natural toothpaste winners in your household, please share them in the comments section of this post.


Jill said...

We use the toothpaste with xylitol in it "Spry" because it is good for my oldest son's gut. It is sugar free and no fluoride which is big with me since fluoride is a metal. We get enough metals in our bodies without worrying about it in our toothpaste.

Tried the silly strawberry and the kids weren't big fans. Sometimes I wonder whose kids they are, they prefer cool mint to silly strawberry!! Weird. They also would rather have carrot sticks and cucumbers than a pastry at starbucks. I guess I'm doing something right :)

Petite Planet said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jill! And yes, you are indeed doing something right if your children prefer veggies to pastries! Good for you... and them!

Anonymous said...

I had bought Tom's of Maine silly strawberry (w/ fluoride) but I just noticed it is actually ranked a 4. The one without fluoride is ranked a 3.