April 2, 2009

Today is World Autism Awareness Day

1 in 150 children in the United States has Autism. That is a staggering statistic. In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I am including some links in this post that are resources about a topic I believe should no longer be ignored, but put at the forefront of every parent's mind. Clearly, something we are subjecting our children to is causing a rise in Autism. Whether it be environmental toxins, administering too may vaccines at one time, or another yet to be determined factor. We must continue to ask questions and demand answers.

Surfers Healing

Autism Society of America

TACA: Talk About Curing Autism

Dr. Jay Gordon

Healthy Child, Healthy World

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Jill said...

Thank you for doing a post on this subject again. It is always nice to hear moms who recognize the epidemic. The statistic you have is indeed staggering. Another statistic is 1 in 6 children are considered "mentally ill" in our country right now. Wow!
Check out Jenny McCarthy's new book. It's an easy read and you will probably really like it. Thanks again. Good links too!

Petite Planet said...

Thanks, Jill. It means the world to me that you follow my blog and find it resourceful. That is a shocking statistic about children and mental illness. We have a lot of work to do collectively as parents to turn the tide on our children's health issues. I'll check out Jenny's new book too. Love her.