April 30, 2010

Flower Heels: Shoes that Showcase Gorgeous Gardens

If you're a mom who has a love of high heels and a fondness for flowers, these Flower Heels will take your breath away! Pieces of living art, these shoes are inspired -- and they certainly have a lot of 'soul.' Next time you have a pair of pesky heels that kill your feet, bring them back to life from the dark crevices of your closet by turning them into vases or flower pots for showstopping eye-candy decor.

How cool would Flower Heels look as centerpieces at a bridal shower or for Mother's Day brunch? These are something I'd expect to see at Carrie Bradshaw's house. I'm in love!

via Cool Outfit

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Lynsey James March said...

I love these! What a great way to reuse shoes while making a gorgeous conversation piece.