June 27, 2008

Wide Neck Baby Bottles are more like Mommy

Perhaps you already knew this, but I was unaware of the difference between regular neck and wide neck baby bottles. The folks at Green to Grow explained to me that the latter more closely resemble mother's breast, as they require a wider nipple which facilitates a latch more similar to nursing than a slimmer bottle nipple, which oddly are much more readily available and mainstream.

Whether you have stopped nursing or you are actively breastfeeding your baby and want to introduce her to a bottle, choose a wide neck bottle such as the one pictured above by Green to Grow, or reach for a thinkbaby bottle, another wide neck option. As I have mentioned before, the wide neck bottle nipples are interchangeable between the Green to Grow and thinkbaby bottles. Green to Grow also sells regular neck bottles if your baby doesn't need to mimic nursing.

It may also be a matter of preference when it comes to which bottle to select. Some nursing babies may feel more comfortable with a regular nipple, but Olivia had a much easier time adjusting to a wide neck bottle. Having an understanding of these subtle nuances may save parents a headache when making the transition to bottle feeding.


Erika @ Organic Baby Resource said...

Thanks for this post. Was wondering the difference and this was clear and helpful.

Petite Planet said...

Glad I could provide the info, Erika!