August 13, 2010

Eco-Friendly Back to School Lunch Gear

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It's almost time to send the kiddos back to school... are you prepared to send them packing with green lunch gear? I've rounded up some of my favorite reusable, no-waste lunch items that will help make your kids' meals away from home a hearty shade of green!

Citizenpip's reusable lunch kit is perfect for older kids because it has plenty of room to pack good-sized portions, and it includes several ample sized, non-toxic storage containers to keep food fresh and tidy. Read my review here.

For younger children, opt for the smaller and more compact Laptop Lunch box system. Read my review here. This system also contains all non-toxic storage components, and it is easy for little kids to tote back and forth.

I love that both of the above systems will keep foods safe and secure during transport (as opposed to smooshed into the bottom of a lunch sack.

For snack time packing, get an adorable set of reusable lunch bags from Graze Organic. These sturdy bags are made from 100% organic cotton, and they are machine washable. They feature cute illustrations regarding their proposed contents: from "fruit" to "vegetable" to "surprise!"And by now we all know how important it is to banish the plastic baggie. Read my review here.

Pack a cloth napkin in your child's lunch to keep them clean and tidy. Fabkins makes adorable 100% certified organic cloth napkins specially designed for kids, and they boast darling prints for boys and girls. Read my review here... and I'm happy to see that since writing my review, Fabkins has changed their material to 100% organic!

In the event your child doesn't have the opportunity to wash her hands with soap and water, have her tote a travel-sized hand sanitizer in her backpack. Cleanwell hand sanitizer is a great choice!

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