April 22, 2009

Make Every Day, Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I hope you and yours are out enjoying a planet loving activity or event. Here are eight ways to celebrate Earth Day today and everyday!

1) Save all of your greeting cards throughout the year, so you can donate them to St. Jude's Ranch, where kids recycle them into new cards.

2) Go green while saving yourself a load of money with these ten tips.

3) Wash your clothes in cold water to save energy.

4) Support your community and local farmers. Buy your organic fruits and veggies at your neighborhood farmer's market.

5) Stick your reusable tote bags in your trunk so you will always have them on hand for shopping excursions.

6) Use eco-friendly cleaning products to maintain the health of your home and the earth.

7) Pack lunches for work and school in non-toxic, reusable containers.

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1 comment:

Nicole Feliciano said...

Happy Earth Day! Great list I especially like the one about stashing totes--but I put them in the stroller since I don't drive much.